I'll guide you in discovering Granada through its history


Granada is one of the cities most magical in the world. Its fascinating history and its monumental heritage are an amalgam of cultures.


It is a multicultural city that offers numerous alternatives adaptable to every type of traveler. If you're someone who visits a place and you need to discover its essence feel part of his story. You are in the right place!


In addition to the majestic Alhambra, the Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Monastery of San Jerónimo, the Monastery of the Cartuja, the neighborhood of the Albaicín and Sacromonte, are essential treasures for you to discover.


You'll be able to count on my help to manage, plan and organize those activities that best suit your time and needs. Let me know your preferences and I will make your stay unforgettable.

My Services

It is the most important and visited monument in Spain. Do you want to know why? I'll explain everything to you on a guided tour that is unique, fun, and exciting, taking you on a journey through time.

Immerse yourself in the authentic heart of the city. Explore the legacy left by its ancient inhabitants, accompanied by an Official Guide who will tailor the experience to your preferences and needs.

Discover the essence of Christian Granada and its significance to the Catholic Monarchs. Don't forget to visit two of its most emblematic monuments: the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel.

Know me

My name is Lara Carranza. I am an Official Guide Interpreter of the Heritage of the city of Granada.

Since I can remember, I've had a passion for history and an ongoing desire to share the entire experience. I would like you to accompany me on a unique and special journey. I offer you the opportunity to enjoy Granada and its main monuments in a fun and emotional way, where you will become a part of the story. You'll travel through time, experiencing the most significant events of the city. You'll learn about the battles and power struggles between Muslims and Christians, as well as about the illustrious figures who once inhabited the city. To live this experience, contact me. I assure you it will leave a lasting impression. 

Other people have experienced.


One of the best experiences we've ever had. She showed us the Alhambra in a lovely way, as only someone who loves their work and the history behind it can. Even my 9-year-old was excited throughout the entire visit. Thank you for instilling in my children the passion you have for this monument.

José Manuel Hidalgo Pellets

I did the Guided tour of the Alhambra with the Guide Lara Carranza, without a doubt the best choice, professional, pleasant and well-documented, taught us and discovered aspects of the Monument is unknown. We also advised for other places to visit in Granada, and recommended some fantastic places to eat. 100 % recommended!!!!!


I wanted to surprise my partner by taking her to the Alhambra, and we had the luck of finding Lara. We liked the way in as he transmitted his passion and knowledge of the subject. We spent the visit flying, highly recommended.


if you have any doubt and need help


We will know the characteristics and peculiarities that distinguish this extraordinary city of other no less beautiful.

Granada is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its monumental heritage, historical charm, and magical allure as a city treasure make it unforgettable to the eyes of every local and global traveler alike. The lives of its people and their surroundings, imbued with a sublime magic, captivate national and international visitors, as well as all who wander its streets.

History of Granada.

We will know his origin, first inhabitants, the muslim occupation and later christian conquest as items of great importance in the history of Granada.

What to see in Granada city centre?

We make it easy and we will tell you what essential places you must not miss in Granada. Would you like to know which sites you should see in Granada city Centre?



Museums in Granada

The museums of Pomegranate are very numerous and diverse. Know all about the museums in Granada, hours, price, free, history and types of museums.

Where to go for Tapas in Granada?

The city streets are packed with bars and restaurants. All of them invite you to sit in on some of its multiple terraces to enjoy a universe of delicious tapas. 

What to do in Granada


There are many spaces that provides you with Granada. Here you will be able to choose between visiting Sirra Nevada, the Geopark, the Costa tropical and the cultural tourism as inherent to the life of the city.


Among the many dining options in the city you recomindo for tapas or to have dinner with the Diamonds, Bodegas Castañeda, los Manueles, the rice dishes Maese Pius, the Saffron. Just to mention a few.


The festive spirit of the city spread and passionate about. A place you cannot miss is the mythical club Eshavira. If you want a delicious cocktail to go to the Paripé and to dance until dawn, you have the disco Mae West.


The hospitality chain of Hotels Macia is a safe choice, you can choose between four hotels. If you prefer a more economical space and casual looks to the Lemon Rock or the Oasis Backpackers.


The center of the city is the enabling environment to make purchases. If your intention is to spend an entire day buying is the centro comercial Nevada Shopping place for excellence.


If you are looking for a site leisure to enjoy with the family, you must not miss a visit to the Science Park. Come, in turn, to the leisure adventurer to the Adventure Park between Pine trees.



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